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Principal's Message

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Welcome, and thank you for stopping by to learn about The Early Intervention Centre.

In 2009, The Early Intervention Centre opened its doors to provide quality educational and therapeutic services to children with special needs. Our primary goal was (and is) to instil skills and knowledge to help each child manage themselves constructively and independently. This means that they learn to solve problems they encounter so they can experience a meaningful day of learning at school. They learn to be present as they communicate, play, and interact. 


We aim to make playing the work of our children and relish their progress as they learn to look, listen, interact, and even experience a toy in new ways.  Early intervention at school today gives them a set of tools to use at home, with family and friends, and in classrooms as they grow over a lifetime.


It's all too easy to get into negative talk when discussing a child with special needs. At EIC, we feel it is important to raise expectations of what children can do, rather than be limited by what they cannot do. We accentuate the positive - not just the abilities of the children but also the support of their parents and families.  I genuinely believe that it is the partnership and ongoing relationship between parents and our dynamic team of educators that lay the foundation of the successful school experience.

In my 30 years in the field of special education, I have witnessed advancements in teaching and learning practices which open up better opportunities for our children. I take pride in leading a team of highly-trained and passionate teachers who provide a platform for lifelong learning and a positive environment for children and their caregivers. We know how deeply all parents want to give their children every opportunity for success, and we believe our early intervention programme offers each child a tremendous chance to grow into their greatest potential.


It is my wish that you will experience The Early Intervention Centre as a special space where your child will be loved and fully embraced for who he or she is. We look forward to serving you, your child, and your family - now and in the future. 



Marie Valencia Bungar


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