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Our Team 

Our team is our greatest asset. Each team member brings their talents and skills in the areas of special education and early intervention to our organization. We’re proud to work together to share these skills with our children and their families.   


Children who attend the EIC can expect to be cared for and led by our team of dedicated educators and therapists who understand their challenges, believe in their abilities to succeed, and feel invested in their well-being. We believe that the role and influence of all team members contribute to high-quality learning and teaching. Several times a year, our early intervention educators undergo different professional development trainings to hone their teaching practices and learn new ways of guiding a child to success. 


Making sure the centre is clean and preparing children’s meals is more than a job to me; it is a calling to serve by ensuring that every child within the EIC premises enjoys playing and growing in a neat, safe, and conducive environment. I take great pride in being part of nurturing them and really enjoy working here by creating a very welcoming and warm ambience. Providing them with healthy and nutritious meals might be just a small part in the entire scheme of things, but by keeping them well-fed, I am contributing to their holistic development which is the main reason why the EIC community was formed.  

Qu Guiju


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