Learning Support Programmes


At The Early Intervention Centre, our capable team of learning support teachers are committed to supporting children who require additional support in a one-on-one setting. The team works on academic subjects as well as social repertories for children of all abilities. Children with autism and specific learning disabilities will benefit from the individualized and engaging instruction that aims to meet the individual learning needs of children. 

Suitable for:

  • Toddlers between the ages of one and three who display signs of red flags for developmental delays and have been recommended to start early intervention

  • Students who require a more intensive one-on-one programme that targets at learning specific skills in the essential areas of development


EIC also offers a variety of supporting services to enhance children's skills and behaviours in social settings, classroom settings and at home. 


Social Skills Groups use ABA therapy to focus on specific social skills such as friendship, group interactions and peer conflict and aim to help the student better express his/her thoughts and feelings in their everyday environments.


EIC also offers Academic Tutoring sessions for students with learning gaps or who may be struggling in a particular school subject. These sessions are built upon the principles of ABA and provide research-back methods that ultimately lead to our goal of improving the student’s academic functioning in his/her school and home setting.


For individual families, EIC's Parent Coaching uses behavior analysis to address and improve behaviors in natural settings or routines that the family encounters regularly (e.g., the grocery store, the doctor's office, bedtime routine, etc.).


Speech Therapy Services


Occupational Therapy Services


Short-Term Intervention Programmes for Foreigners

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