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Is EIC Right For Our Child?

When you suspect your child has special educational needs and learning challenges, your next steps can feel overwhelming. We understand it’s not easy and will do our best to support you in this process,

At the EIC, children benefit from small group instruction, favourable student/teacher ratios, effective teaching strategies and a dynamic and scaffolded learning schedule tailored to their needs.   

We believe in the benefits of individualized learning - as early and as intensively as possible. We offer a multitude of tools with which we help children reach the fullest expression of themselves.



Serving children from two through eight years old who have been identified with special needs or who could be at risk for developmental delays, our EIC programmes support children who have challenges with:

  • Language and Communication

  • Understanding boundaries and learning in a group setting

  • Behavioural  that are causing concerns in a mainstream programme

  • Peer Interactions

  • Processing Sensory Input

  • Reading social cues

  • Comprehending the language of others

  • Attending and staying focused

  • Regulating Emotions

  • Pre-academic skills

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