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Our goal is to unify early childhood education with early intervention methodologies and teaching strategies to provide children with a well supported, focus and meaningful learning experience during these sensitive developmental years. Working at the Early Intervention Centre is an opportunity to develop your career and broaden your academic knowledge and strengthen your teaching skills. We accept applications from individuals of various communities and backgrounds as long as candidates meet the essential criterias below. 



As a centre based Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, you must have the ability to:


  • Lead a class and accommodate the diverse needs of young children.

  • Modify instruction and make adaptations

  • Familiar with positive reinforcement and behavioural management strategies

  • Plan and write children’s IEP and term progress reports.

  • Implement special educational strategies and techniques during lesson.

  • Establish clear objectives for all lessons and communicate those objectives to students.

  • Maintain accurate and complete daily student record.

  • Provide different variety of instructional practices

  • Meet with parents and guardians to discuss their children's progress, and to determine their

    priorities for their children and their resource needs. 


Being an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher is a unique task. You must possess the following traits:

  • Driven

  • Persistent

  • Passionate about your students

  • Creative

  • Organized

  • Accepting of others

  • Even tempered

  • Patient

  • Optimistic

  • Confident

  • Dedicated

  • Intuitive

  • Good sense of humour


Qualification Requirements:

*Degree in Special Education/ Advanced Diploma in Early Intervention

*Minimum three years of teaching experience in the Special Education field 

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