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Our Purpose

Established more than a decade ago, The EIC has been serving families with children who require a more intensive educational programme to reach their full potential.
This time in your child’s growth is especially important developmentally. Intervening early can set a deep range of skills in motion that will have a positive ripple effect for the rest of your child’s life. We aim to set up children for life, not just for the time they are with us. Watching a child unlock their potential is our greatest joy - and what makes us so passionate about our work each day.

Our Values 

Our team is committed to delivering an exceptional learning experience to every family. To that end, we have adopted these values for our team and the children we serve:


Children are at the heart of everything we do. The stakes are high. Therefore, so are our standards. We are unwavering in our dedication to delivering exceptional programmes, keeping our finger on new and developing methodologies, and inspiring our team to be open, forthright, and highly expressive. Our encouraging and supportive culture helps to ignite the creative innovation we need to ensure we are implementing the most effective solutions for the children and parents we serve.


Ordinary just won’t do when it comes to a child who needs a breakthrough. It requires a tenacious courage to respectfully challenge the status quo by exploring the most viable options for redesigning and rethinking special education. Developing collaborative relationships with a child’s parents and teachers is essential to the success and wellbeing of the children we work on behalf of, and is why it is one of our core foundational principles. Fairness, honesty and open communication undergird all Early Intervention Centre’s relationships.


Investing in the lives of children with special needs is not our job. It’s who we are. Having the opportunity to work on behalf of children and students who may not see their own potential, is why we get up every day. It’s why we passionately research new, exciting solutions that will help children grow their innate gifts, and develop skills that will last their entire lifetime. It is the unspeakable privilege of witnessing the transformation that takes place in a child’s heart and mind that drives us to advocate for children like no one else.

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