Children with identified special needs benefit from early intervention — the earlier, the better.
No matter what brought you to our website, We hope it will provide you with useful information on alternative preschool education for your little ones. 


The Early Intervention Centre
About EIC

At The Early Intervention Centre (EIC), we are exactly what our name suggests: a team of early intervention educators who have dedicated their careers to supporting children with special needs, from an early age through high-quality and effective programmes that set them on the path for positive outcomes without delay.


We strive to give our children the same opportunities that all toddlers and preschool children enjoy. Instead of being defined by their differences, our children are fully embraced for who they are. Our commitment to creating a supportive, inspiring and transformative programme, tailored to our children's needs, to improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones who wish to see them thrive - is a deeply personal one, reflected in our daily practice.


Ultimately for us, the greatest reward in guiding our children toward unlocking their full potential is to see the joy that comes with that discovery. It’s what makes all of us at EIC so passionate about our work each day. 



Our Values
The team at EIC lives by our shared values and is committed to delivering an exceptional experience to every family
We believe in:
  • Respect for oneself and for each other. We believe in respecting each person as an individual with different abilities, talent, preferences, and perspectives on life.

  • Courtesy as a daily habit. We practice courtesy in all our interactions and model politeness to all our students. Courtesy is how we show respect to all.

  • Cooperation as a guiding principle of learning. We must all learn to work together to thrive as a community.

  • Partnership with parents. Teachers and parents are members of the same team with the same goal: to do what’s best for the growth of your child.

  • Effort and a solid work ethic. We work tirelessly to stay apprised of the latest research and to develop teaching methods that meet each child’s unique needs.


The EIC Team


Children who attend the EIC can expect to be cared for and led by our team of dedicated educators who understand their challenges, believe in their abilities to succeed, and feel invested in their well-being. We believe that the role and influence of all team members contribute to high-quality learning and teaching. Several times a year, our early intervention educators undergo different professional development trainings to hone their teaching practices and learn new ways of guiding a child to success. 












Our Services
Who do we help?

Our team at EIC works with

  • Toddlers (age 1-3) with signs of developmental delays in need of early intervention.

  • Preschool children (age 3-8) with developmental delays that affect communication, social interaction, learning, and building relationships.

  • Preschool children experiencing difficulty in mainstream programmes who will benefit from small, individualised group instruction.

  • Children with behavioural issues that impede academic and social success.

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We’d love to learn more about your child and his or her needs. Please use the form below to tell us about your family and ask any questions you may have about our programme. We’ll be in touch soon to begin your child's educational journey at EIC.


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