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We exist to meet your children exactly where they are and celebrate them as they move forward and grow every day.
No matter what brought you to our website, we hope it will provide you with useful information on our special education preschool programmes and learning support services for your little ones. 




Choosing your child’s special education provider can be overwhelming. As one of the foremost special education centres in Singapore. We are committed to delivering an exceptional experience to every family that we serve. Learn why parents like you have chosen the Early Intervention Centre for more than a decade.

Our programmes serve children aged two to eight years, who are exhibiting signs of social, emotional, and behavioural concerns. These challenges can affect how children learn and develop, and may make it difficult for children to participate and learn gainfully in a mainstream preschool.

We recognize the unique ways that children learn and we help them find a way that suits them best.


Find out more if our special education programmes are well-suited for your child .

At the EIC, Children can either attend a small group or a one-to-one programme depending on their age, learning needs and goals.

Through customized, intensive and scaffolded learning programmes, we ensure that every child experiences success in their learning and development throughout their tenure at the EIC and beyond. Read more about the EIC Developmental Preschool Programme and Learning Support Programmes offered at The Early Intervention Centre.

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